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Speaker Yvonne F. Brown

Award winning Speaker and Best Selling Author Yvonne Brown is Chief Empowerment Officer of JAD Communications® International, a training, coaching, and personal development firm that helps people to be more productive and contribute more to the bottom line.

Known as a highly effective teacher, public speaker, and communicator, Yvonne F. Brown has taught seminars on team building, leadership, communication, & management in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

As a professor at three universities, Yvonne teaches a variety of communication topics, including interpersonal, organizational, and intercultural communications, project management, conflict management, and career growth. She has also conducted seminars and briefings for such corporations as Deloitte Consulting, Lockheed Martin, American Management Association, Citrix, Ft. Campbell Credit Union, National Guard, Caldwell Banker, and Boeing.

With an impressive background in the consulting industry, she managed staff for a 70 store retail chain, recruited, trained and managed employees and executives. She has designed and developed training sessions, consulting programs, and curricula for three universities. She is also a faculty member of the American Management Association.

Yvonne is heralded by students & workshop participants as the best teacher and trainer they ever had. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She understands group dynamics, and is creative in developing courses that are powerful, interactive and entertaining.

She is the author of five books, two audio CDs, and a generational DVD program.


This is the real life version of me.

As a speaker I share my bio at the beginning of each presentation. Typically, this includes all corporate features of who I am and my journey.

I was born in Kingston, Jamaica, British West Indies, and as a little girl growing up in Jamaica I had only one dream and that was to come to America and live my American dream.

As I watched movies at the Tivoli theater and flipped through Harper’s Bazaar magazine, I imagined myself in a better life. I was the girl who got hand-me-downs from the church and those big chunks of free cheese and powdered milk that lasted forever.

When I was 17 I got my chance to come to America and so far I have found the American dream 10 times.

As soon as I arrived I went to modeling school and fulfilled my first dream of being a fashion model. I modeled in fashion shows at department stores, was on billboards for a bank and enjoyed every minute of it. Sadly, it had a shelf life. Soon I had to find a new career.

My next career was as a singer in a rock ‘n roll band. I loved every minute of that too. I was the lead singer of a band that was on the MCA label and traveled the country singing for my supper. I had so much fun!

It was after modeling and being in rock ‘n roll that I went to Depaul University and got my degree in Computer Science. Few women were in the field at that time and computer science is where I found my success in corporate America. The largest company I worked for Anderson consulting. Today they’re called Accenture.

With all the downsizing in corporate America, I was ready to do something different, so I went to the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and became an adjunct professor teaching classes to graduate students. I found I loved that too. I really enjoyed watching the light bulbs come on as students connected the dots, and realized the reality of situations and how they could use what they learn to be more successful.

I decided to start my own company, so I created JAD Communications. We help people on the “Journey to Achievement of their Destiny” whether to a corner office or on a journey to entrepreneurship.

I also wrote five books and created several audio programs thus adding author to my repertoire.

Next my company JAD Communications entered the contract trainer arena as we added new clients to our roster.

Today I am professional speaker, author, trainer, and corporate coach. I’m also a mom of two sons and wife of 22 years to my husband Bill.

Additionally, I write three Blogs that I try to update monthly, own four websites that I design, develop, and maintain myself and I have a monthly radio show on blog talk radio.
You can listen to my radio show “Find Yourself, Live Your Dreams, and Be Happy” at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/yvonne-f-brown